Kirstie Kwarteng, Founder and Executive Director


Kirstie Kwarteng is the founder and executive director of The Nana Project. She is based in Washington, D.C. and is passionate about increasing diaspora engagement among next generation diasporans and wants to encourage them to learn more about their history. It is this passion that led her create The Nana Project. Kirstie is also an international development professional with experience with international organizations, NGOs, and non-profit organizations.
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Godsgrace Tetteyfio, Co-Founder and Producer


Godsgrace Tetteyfio is the co-founder of The Nana Project. She recently relocated back home to Northern Virginia from New York City. Upon her return, she joined Kirstie in the development and launch of The Nana Project – a shared passion rooted in their heritage and her love of storytelling through film. Godsgrace is an entertainment professional currently working as the Operations Coordinator of the Washington West Film Festival in the Washington DC metro area.
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Anakwa Dwamena, Producer


Anakwa Dwamena is a Ghanaian born photographer and videographer based in Washington, DC. His work looks at the intersection of language, history and the creation of culture. He joined The Nana Project because it does the simple yet cumbersome task of interviewing our elders who lived in the times we are curious about. He is committed to The Nana Project’s desire to share knowledge that will quench our collective nostalgia for the past and better situate us, mentally, to imagine a future knowing where we come from.
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