This photo was taken in the mid 70’s in the USSR (now Russia). My mother is second from the left and is with her fellow classmates. Ghana and Russia had strong links in the 60’s and 70’s which saw a lot of Ghanaian students head to there for exchange programs and courses.

I love this photo! I see how young my mum was at the time and imagine the fear but excitement she must have felt heading to another country in a time when Ghana was really in the throws of re-shaping it’s future after independence. My mother has been a traveler and a Ghanaian civil servant all her life. No matter where she went, sometimes for a year at a time, she always came back home to serve her country. I love that I get to see the beginning of that journey right here in a photograph and find a way to mimic it by returning home to sow into my country and live my dreams. Submitted by Maame Adjei