“My grandmother Cecilia Akua Manu had no formal education, was married at 16/17 years old and married 3 times and had 11 children in all. Even without formal education my grandmother wanted what she didn’t have for her children. My mother Mary Appiah Kubi (pictured) is the 6th eldest of my grandma’s children. She is the only one with education beyond senior high school. My mother went to Osei Kyeretwie senior high school, OKESS and while completing she would go to the market to help her mother sell cloth and other items so she could supplement the partial scholarship she earned for senior high school. When she completed OKESS my mom was recruited into a banking training program, from which she became a bank teller for Social Security Bank Ltd. My mom was in banking for the most of her professional life until becoming an entrepreneur and managing our family business. My sister Agatha and I are the third generation of women from our maternal side. Because of my grandmother’s lack of education and my mother’s limited higher education both wanted better for their offspring. My father as well had 2 years of tertiary education. Coming from these backgrounds my parents wanted the best and highest levels of education for my sister and I. Today I honour the women from my maternal lineage. They are my motivation to continue to work towards quality, accessible, and inclusive education for girls in Ghana.” – Submitted by Elizabeth Patterson