“My great grandmother was a pillar in my family. She moved with purpose and ensured that her children and her grandchildren (and great grandchildren) had access to opportunities and education. When her husband told her that her daughter (my grandmother) shouldn’t go to school, THIS queen was like “oh really? Ok….Bye bye boo, bye”. She was not having someone tell HER what to do. I definitely got some of that in me! She was unwavering, committed, purposeful, steadfast, unapologetic and focused. Even though I didn’t get to truly know her in the physical form, I KNOW and FEEL her in the spirit form. I’m SO grateful that I have her blood running through my veins. I continue to look to her and all of my ancestors to guide me and whisper my next steps. I’m honored to know that I have this Queen holding space for me. I love you Grandma Ginger!”- Submitted by Akua S.